Your website may look amazing and might have everything your visitors are searching for. But, just because everything is perfect on a website doesn’t necessarily mean that it will get thousands of hits every day.
If your site isn’t attracting as many visitors as you had hoped for, you can fix the problem by applying the following 10 changes that will help to attract more customers:

1. Take advantage of social media networks.
Everyone uses at least one of the dozens of popular sites. So, why take a chance? Make sure all your bases are covered by adding links to share your content on as many media sites as possible.

2. Create tweets that encourage people
While on the topic of social media, sharing on Twitter is probably one of the most underused sharing tools when it comes to driving traffic to a website. This is mainly because people don’t know how to go about it. Learn how to create tweets that encourage people to click-through to your site.

3. Use buttons
Remember that people won’t share your content if they can’t find the buttons to click on. Don’t be coy – place them where they can be clearly seen. Use buttons that draw attention and are “fun” to click on.

4. Make search engine result looks attractive
You should also make sure that your site’s search engine result looks attractive. People tend to click on results that stand out. You can create professional looking search results by, for example, using the data highlighter that is offered for free on Google’s Webmaster Tools. Take some time to learn to tweak your search results – it will be well worth your while.

5. Use Pay-Per-Click
Don’t back down from going the Pay-Per-Click way. If you think that there is something unethical about “buying” traffic, you are mistaken. It is a perfectly good investment and the returns can be quite lucrative. Look into Yahoo Search Marketing and MIVA.

6. Create Website Content
Hire a blogger if you are too busy to update your blog on a regular basis. One sure thing that helps to improve your website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) is the frequency at which it is updated.
7. Take it a step further and hire a celebrity or an authority figure in your site’s field to write for you. Ask them if they would guest blog for you. Their names alone will drive traffic to your site.

8. Create Linkbacks
If you can’t find any celebrities or authority figures, you can use a smarter approach and mention their names or work in your content. Make sure you link back to their sites. This way, you both stand to gain from the “relationship”.

9. Use Google+
If the writers of your posts are indeed celebrities they will have portraits in their profiles. If you share your content using Google + you will have the added advantage of having their pictures appear next to the posts when people see them in SERPS – especially when using Google.

10. Offer free Stuff
Ask yourself this: wouldn’t you love to be given stuff for free? If you answered “yes”, then how about extending the same courtesy to your visitors? Offer free goodies – eBooks, PowerPoint presentations, bric-a-brac and t-shirts. The word “free” in itself should be able to raise the number visitors to your site if you weave it into your content.

Implement these ten tips and you should see the number of visitors to your site rise. But, remember this isn’t a one-time thing – you need to keep repeating the tips to sustain the results in the long run.